National #NoHowardNo Campaign Launched To Oppose Howard Schultz

#NoHowardNo, an independent effort squarely aimed at opposing Starbucks CEO Emeritus Howard Schultz from waging an independent presidential campaign, launched today. An advisory board of progressive activists and operatives from across the country have joined the effort and will help grow it.

The group launched a petition at that encourages people to join the effort by taking a #NoHowardNo pledge to “actively oppose Schultz” and agree to participate in a future boycott of Starbucks, if needed. Community organizers are also encouraged to sign-up at the portal.

“We’re going to organize, fundraise, and challenge Howard Schultz,” said American Working Families (AWF) chair, Bud Jackson. “The consequences of his independent run are profound, and it is necessary to oppose it head-on with a united and organized effort from the grassroots up.”

American Working Families, an organization dedicated to advocating for issues and candidates supporting working families and in opposition to those that make their lives more difficult, created and launched the group.

#NoHowardNo will work to ensure our country avoids repeating what happened in 2000 when third-party candidate Ralph Nader ran a campaign for president that he could not win but did succeed in securing enough votes in Florida to help elect George W. Bush. “We’re still feeling the impact from a war in Iraq we would have avoided had Nader not help elect Bush,” said Jackson.

“Howard Schultz is Donald Trump’s best hope for securing a second term,” said nationally renowned progressive activist and digital strategist from Las Vegas, Laura Packard, who joined #NoHowardNo’s advisory board. “We’re not going to stop fighting back until Howard Schultz abandons his ego-driven reckless independent candidacy for president. One-hundred-and-thirty-million of us Americans with pre-existing conditions cannot risk four more years of Trump, and we will stand-up to oppose any more billionaires that threaten our care for a selfish destructive whim.”

“This is another ego-driven vanity campaign by a candidate who simply can’t win, but who would likely split the electorate just enough to guarantee a Trump re-election,” said Philadelphia-based Democratic strategist Josh Nanberg, who has joined #NoHowardNo’s advisory board. “In 2016, Jill Stein’s meager vote total was still enough to make a difference in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. The result was a disastrous Trump presidency and Trump policies that we’ll be trying to fix for decades.”

#NoHowardNo initial board members: Bud Jackson, AWF Chair (Washington, DC) Chris Keohan, CK Strategies (Boston); Sonia Van Meter, Stanford Campaigns (Austin), Josh Nanberg, Ampersand Strategies (Philadelphia); Laura Packard, PowerThru Consulting (Las Vegas).

“We’re going to expose a billionaire who’s smart enough to make a lot of money in business but naïve and arrogant enough to wage a campaign that can’t be won and whose consequences could be severe for our country,” said Jackson. “He needs to be challenged right out of the gate and American voters need to understand the havoc he could cause our country.”